Creation of a Generic Card & Mobile Payment Application

CPACE is a Generic Card & Mobile Payment application specification created by ECPC, a new Technical Cooperation group composed of the leading European Card Schemes

The new specification named CPACE (CPA Contactless Extensions)

• builds on the EMVCo CPA standard specification *

• by adding the necessary card and mobile extensions for both contactless and remote payments for mobile use.

There are 4 parts to CPACE:

1- CPACE – DIC: Dual Interface Cards

2- CPACE – Terminal Kernel

3- CPACE – HCE: Mobiles with Host Card Emulation

4- CPACE – SE: Mobiles with Secure Elements (planned).


The CPACE specification provides an appropriate response to the ERPB recommendations on contactless transactions (ERPB/2015/rec.10.ii and ERPB/2015/rec.8.i).

* ECPC is working on the current version of EMV but is also planning the development of application specification for the EMV 2nd Generation.